Why you should use a backup service

Years ago, the backup system I had in place for my computer was to occasionally copy important files to another hard drive. I did these backups manually, but the problem was that every time I needed to retrieve data that had been backed up, I ended up getting a file that was weeks and sometimes months old. I quickly realized that this backup method was too primitive, and eventually began to explore other options when it came to backing up my important files.

Soon enough, I found out about automatic backup solutions. Carbonite is the one that is perhaps the most well known, given that they have a lot of commercials online like the one below.

Everything I read about Carbonite sounded good. The program would work quietly in the background, so you wouldn't have to run it to do your backups. Instead, it would automatically back up your important photos, documents, and other files you designate. Moreover, the backups would be stored on a remote server, so you won't be susceptible to lose data if you're unfortunate enough to be the victim of any local disasters like fires or floods.

I read some reviews of Carbonite as well, and they were generally positive. The price was only $59 a year, which is only about $5 a month, and definitely affordable, even for people like me who are on a tight budget. I therefore got myself a Carbonite free trial along with a carbonite coupon from various coupon sites. The free trial lasted 15 days and the program was surprisingly easy to set up and use. Originally, I was planning to test drive other backup solutions, such as the one offered by Norton 360, but I am happy enough with Carbonite that I may just decide to purchase their software once the trial expires.

If you are interested in an easy to use backup solution, I would recommend you check out Carbonite as well. There are different subscription levels, but for most normal computer users, the cheapest plan will most likely suffice. If you are interested in other free trials or promotional offers, click here.

While using a good backup service is an important part of increasing the security of your personal life or business interests, it is only one piece of a larger puzzle. In addition to computer security, financial security is also something you should be paying attention to. For this reason, I recommend that you consider using high-security checks or eChecks, especially if you own a business. The best way to do this is to order such checks from a company called Deluxe Checks.

While using high-security checks does mean it will raise the cost of doing business a bit, just like a good backup system, using high-security checks will eliminate the possibility of disaster. This means you can focus all your time on building your business instead of cleaning up messes or trying to recover from one disaster or another.